Our Services

Digital IT Services

Digital Strategy and Value Creation

We help our prospects to identify new possibilities while creating new business strategies by harnessing the power of digitalization. We configure industry-specific research and insights into what drives value within the digital economy. Our approach is immersive and experiential, rooted in creating the value that helps identify the optimal portfolio of initiatives, a selection that balances investment in digitizing a company’s current business model with the innovation of new business models and creating alignment between management teams. 

Reinvent for Digital

We help brands express themselves and connect better with their audience through a complete digital reinvent. Reinvent is a must when it comes to the digitization of your brand. We improve online brand visibility through a performance-based approach, creative campaigns, conversion strategies, and innovation. We empower our customers to grow their businesses using a variety of digital marketing platforms and tools.

Organizing Digital Talent

Recruiting, retaining, and managing digital talent is a critical challenge, especially for large established companies that traditionally approach talent management. We make this task easier for you by outsourcing the best Digital talent in the industry to onboard right skilled resources in stipulated timeframe. We cater to the needs of organizations to hire resources with various skills in multiple domains.

Delivery Modernization

Modernizing deliveries is a must for companies to stay in this competitive environment of digital transformation. Delivering excellent user experiences while reducing IT costs depending upon optimization of your digital transformation initiatives. These include migrating your legacy solution from on-premises IT Service Management (ITSM), transforming your team’s speed, efficiency, and productivity. ITSM refers to all activities related to the design, creation, delivery, support, and lifecycle management of digital IT services.

Product & Web Development

Website Design and Development

We make sure your brand’s digital presence is visually appealing. We transform your website into an effective way to interact with your audience and a powerful marketing tool for your business growth. Top Sysmax is having a team of experts specialized in web design and development services. Our web experiences are high in performance, feature-rich, digitally transformative, user-friendly, fully functional, highly secure, and scalable as your business grows. Our team of experts works closely with you to create something beautiful that truly reflects your brand.

Mobile Application Development

We offer end-to-end development of mobile applications with business analysis, designing and developing your mobile app from the idea of launch, integrating the new product into your network, and optimizing and scaling on demand. Our mobile apps are built using top-notch technologies and proven approaches. Our mobile app development services include: Leveraging advanced technologies, innovative algorithms, and modern user interface, design, and development of native mobile apps for Android and iOS, React Native, and Flutter mobile app development.

E-Commerce Web and App Development

Your e-commerce store needs to be visually striking and conversion-oriented in order to attract customers; we make sure that your online presence meets all expectations of the audience. We help you with your e-commerce store, as we understand it like the back of our hand and have deep knowledge of all development platforms, we are your go-to partner for success. We make sure your site is optimized to help you grow and come up with new ideas to keep up with the market.

Digital Marketing

We are the new era of digital marketing and digital service providers. If your business or organization needs a real-time online marketing strategy, then Topsysmax- the digital marketing agency is the solution for all your online advertising and website development queries. We offer a variety of services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, lead generation, online advertising, web design, web hosting, and content marketing services. Our services will improve your business website and help you reach your goals, we have the tools and experience to make it happen for you.

Cloud Services

Creating a successful migration path begins with designing an optimal environment. We help you to develop the optimal environment that will work for your business needs. Depending upon your discovery and analytical data; we identify your business needs, countering opportunities, and suggesting the optimal migration strategy for your organization. We define the appropriate cloud model, plan an end-to-end solution for you, implement without interruption, and manage 24/7 ensuring continuity and security of data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Keeping the business functional at any given time is a priority for every business, having a Business Continuity and Disaster recovery (BCDR) empowers organizations to comply to the requirements, ready to recover and remain functional during natural or man-made disasters. We help organizations to have comprehensive strategy in place to handle any disaster by providing them,

  • BCDR Consulting Services
  • On-demand DR site and required resources
  • Required document repository
  • Framework to recover
  • End to end Disaster Recovery as a Services (DRaaS) solutions

Multi Cloud Management Services

Our Multi-cloud Management Services help your business to achieve the benefits of multi-cloud ecosystems. We manage IT for businesses at all scales, where multiple Cloud platforms interact seamlessly with traditional IT environments. Our expertise in multi-cloud solutions makes us an ideal strategic partner for your business. Have a business that’s growing and needs to manage more than one cloud? Let our experts plan, migrate, and implement the solutions you need to make your business thrive. We can ensure smooth migrations to the cloud with guidance on how to assess what to migrate, what it will cost, and how to keep it secure by choosing the right technical solutions

DC Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

As digital disruptions continue to affect the way we work and live, data centers can’t afford to be left behind. To stay competitive, they must align with new realities in terms of business demand and profitability. With our comprehensive capabilities, we can ensure that your IT assets are more profitable and future-ready. Our hybrid cloud service will optimize and modernize your systems so that you can take advantage of new technologies.

Digital Workplace Services

As a rising need of work from home, we provide a combination of cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading support services that enable employees of a company to work from anywhere in a secure environment. We enable your employees to interact anytime and from any device with an enhanced workplace experience that unlocks greater performance.

App Modernization and Cloud Native Services

We modernize your existing apps and build cloud-native ones in the era of hybrid and the multi-cloud world with Application Modernization. It starts with the data-driven baseline assessment and promotes faster, secure software development. Using Cloud-native services, we unlock speed and agility as it’s about changing the way you think about constructing critical business systems. Delivering accelerative app modernization along the side while putting your idea in the market will make your business win.

IT Service Management

IT Infrastructure Operations

Acting as a technology consulting partner, service provider, and solution integrator, Top Sysmax helps you to gain a competitive edge and free up your IT resources by proactively managing your on-premise and cloud infrastructure, standard on all major platforms.

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support that is tailored to the needs of businesses in any industry. Our team of experts provides 24/7 support and consulting, infrastructure management outsourcing, strategic planning, security services, and reporting.

Private and Public Cloud Operations

When moving workloads to the cloud, enterprise IT teams can choose to run workloads on public clouds, private cloud infrastructure, or a combination of both.  Public clouds tend to offer lower costs, increased scalability, and access to next-generation technologies, while private clouds provide greater security, low latency, and greater control over data governance and data localization. Many organizations use public and private clouds in a multi-cloud architecture, but managing several cloud platform operations can add considerable cost and complexity. We help you to ease the process by providing the service of cloud operations.

Network and Security Operations

Our team analyzes and monitors an organization’s network and security systems. The goal is to protect the company from network and security by identifying, analyzing, and reacting to network & security threats. Our team consists of network engineers, security analysts, and security engineers. We work with the development and IT operational team within the company to perform network and security operations.

Shared and Dedicated Models

When determining whether you should outsource your customer or network support, many considerations come into play. Talk to us to find out more about which option best meets your needs. Most companies end up relying on external support to increase productivity and reduce costs, but the question is, “Which support model will best suit my business framework and objectives?” To answer this question, it is important to take into consideration the level of call volume, the budget for this support, and exactly what you are looking for in terms of services from your technical support team. Our team helps you to analyze your company requirement and to decide which model will work best for you and how?

Automation Oriented Offering

Our automation-oriented services integrate analytics with AI and industry expertise. Whether it’s a chatbot or other solution, we’ll help you decide how to apply it, what technologies to use and how to make sure it’s embraced across your business. We work globally across people, processes and business functions to ensure your initiatives are implemented, adopted, and scaled for maximum ROI. We offer Network automation, Backup automation, Scalability automation, Security automation & Customized automation.

BPO Services

Payroll Services

As a business process service specialist, we fully understand the issues businesses face when managing their day-to-day operations, especially complex processes such as payroll processing. Therefore, we work closely with all our customers, understanding their specific challenges and building solutions tailored to their needs. Optimize your operations with our payroll services for efficiency and productivity. We offer payroll compliance, query management, monthly salary processing, and returns filing.

Medical Billing and Coding

Receiving the appropriate payment for the medical services provided is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers. With the increase in the number of self-paid patients and the increasing complexity of legislative mandates, their practice is more at risk of repeated refusal, income deficits, and compliance issues. With the help of a dedicated template for your pharmacy, we provide accurate documentation, maintaining and growing a healthy and profitable practice. We outsource medical coding services that help you maximize your revenue while reducing compliance risks. Our proprietary workflow technology will improve your finances by reducing days of delay, streamlining requests, and reducing the time and costs associated with administrative tasks.

Service Desk Services

In today’s era, employees are heavily dependent on the technology that IT offers, and in the event of a breakdown, they need to have instant access to the right people to solve their problems. We provide the most innovative and efficient support center services to our customers. We use the most advanced processes and practices to provide the best user experience for employees.  Our service desk experts are trained to manage your incidents and service requests and manage communication with end-users. We deploy services to help your business grow. Our goal is to provide the optimal IT growth and business processes necessary for a successful enterprise.

US Mortgage Services

We at Top Sysmax provide on demand appraisers to orders and even assist in communicating with appraisers regarding fee negotiations and appraisal report due date commitments for any requirements around order management system, appraisal quality report, order assignment system, appraiser recruitment etc.

Our capabilities involve below mentioned points in regards to mortgage process:

  • Customer Service centric model – 24×7 Operations and bespoke solutions
  • Experienced and dedicated Reviewers – Knowledge of Federal and State Regulations
  • Resource Availability – Quickly adapt to changing business needs
  • Robust IT Infrastructure, Security and Privacy
  • Reports and Metrics based performance tracking
  • All Residential Appraisal Products
  • Extensive experience with platforms – Mercury, ValueLink, Appraisal Scope, Appraisal Flo, ValuTrac, eTrac and quick adaptability to custom platforms
  • Internal Quality Audits
  • Intensive Training Program – Onboarding and Ongoing

Tech Support Services

The technical support industry has changed almost overnight with the rapidly changing technology and increasing operating costs. The challenge for companies is to provide customer satisfaction while meeting their expectations.

Today, customers expect things differently and demand customer-centric solutions with first-class services. Therefore, our technical support service strives to offer a competitive difference. We offer a variety of communication channels to ensure that we can give you the best technical support. Whether you prefer email, chat, phone calls, or software, we’ve got you covered.

Our technical support team specializes in making service delivery easy and streamlined. We integrate the necessary software into your network system to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Recruitment and Staffing Services

At Top Sysmax Recruitment & Staffing Solutions, we understand that finding the right talent is critical to the success of any organization. Our team of highly skilled and experienced recruitment specialists are dedicated to identifying, attracting, and placing the best candidates for our clients across various industries and job functions. We take the time to understand our clients’ unique needs, culture, and goals, and work closely with them to develop customized recruitment strategies that align with their business objectives.

Our recruitment process is comprehensive and thorough, encompassing a range of services including job posting, candidate sourcing, resume screening, interviews, reference checks, and background verification. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading methodologies to ensure that we identify candidates who not only possess the right skills and qualifications, but also fit well with our clients’ organizational culture.
In addition to recruitment services, we also offer staffing solutions to meet our clients’ temporary and project-based staffing needs. Our extensive database of qualified candidates allows us to quickly respond to our clients’ staffing requirements, providing them with the flexibility and agility they need to manage fluctuations in their workforce.
At Top Sysmax Recruitment & Staffing Solutions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity. We adhere to strict ethical standards and maintain strict confidentiality throughout the recruitment process. Our team is constantly staying updated with industry trends and best practices to ensure that we provide the highest level of service to our clients and candidates alike.
Whether you are a company looking for top talent or a professional seeking new career opportunities, Top Sysmax Recruitment & Staffing Solutions is your trusted partner in meeting your recruitment and staffing needs. Contact us today to experience the Top Sysmax difference and discover how we can help you achieve your business goals.